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Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Playas' Only!

We work really hard, so it's a MUST that we play hard too.
Here's a short video we made on vacation, it features a beverage we came up with and dubbed 'Playas' Only.

The name comes from "playa," the Spanish word for "beach," and a pun off the song "Playa's Only" by R. Kelly and The Game.  So in effect, the drink's true title is "Playas Solamente" or "Beaches Only."  A fitting name, considering our location.

To make a 'Playas' Only, mix the following:
  • Chilled glasses with ice
  • CIROC premium vodka
  • Tropica'l "Uva" flavored fruit bevarage (if you can get this in the U.S., please tell me where!)
  • Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry
  • Red Bull
  • 1 grape per glass (mashed bananas work well too)
Serve and please enjoy responsibly :-)


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