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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Throwback Thursdays #3: "Holla Holla"

A few weeks ago, Wes and I started participating in this thing on Twitter called "Throwback Thursdays."  Basically, after one of our many conversations about the current state of music and taking into consideration the large percentage of what we consider "wack, unbearable, bull$#!" that's out there today, we realized that there was music from the early 2000s that we didn't give a fair chance back in its time; yeah we may have slept on it, but only because the bar was set really high back then, or at least it seemed to be.  Another generation, a different time zone.

So in retrospect, after listening to several popular records from the "aughties," we have a newfound appreciation for them- thus, our version of "Throwback Thursday" was born.  Previous inductees include Ja Rule & Ashanti's "Down 4 U," and 112's "Anywhere."  This week, I'm bringing it back to The Inc. with Ja Rule's 1999 debut single, "Holla Holla."  This dude just had sick energy on the mic and on camera and his hooks were solid and conistent.  It's murdaaaaa! 

Ja slam dancing on the 6-4 circa 1999

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