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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wish List for 2010

In 2010, this is what I'd like to see and work on:
1. Passionate expression; Depth in content.
Even if your passion is in capturing video of sexual encounters to screen for your friends (HI ABI CRUZ) please put it into your music. I like when my creative partners know what they are talking about and i can feel it when they spit it.
2. Organized and ready to work
There's nothing like working with people who expect results when they are unprepared. As an engineer, i don't dream about the 179th take of your overdubs. I dream about intense, deep performances that need little editing.
3. People who know that they don't know everything.
Ask questions if you don't know something. If i don't know, I'll say so. Chances are i will have an opinion, though. LOL
4. Ca$h.
No credit in 2010. I'm sure you heard. Yes, we're the bank, but we're not lending either. Bring cash, titles, deeds, platinum, silver or gold.
5. Plan ahead for contingencies.
Sometimes life can throw a curve. Be prepared to change directions. You can still get to your destination even with many detours. Don't sit in traffic jams. Also know that you can build a shortcut. Use your imagination.
6. Don't blame anyone but yourself.
Who else really gives a sh!t about you anyway?
7. Live up to your statements.
Words are important. The boy who cried wolf got eaten alive. Integrity is the key to success. If you cant be trusted with $1000, how can you be trusted with $1,000,000?
8. The Zone.
I hope i can stay here for most of the year. I need to create magic.
9. Recognize and appreciate when someone does something for you.
They didn't have to, and they don't have to do it again. Teamwork is the only way to succeed.
Ever heard of a Fortune 500 sole proprietor? me neither. Favors are an asset.
10. Health.
Mental and physical. In this crazy depreciating world, time is running faster then ever. Spend money on productivity, time is valuable.

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